Sunday, January 24, 2010


Well it looks like apple is finally starting to gain back what it lost long ago, and that’s a market share. Considering the rise of Apple products like iPods I should have seen this coming. I’ve been lulled into a familiarity of Apple interfaces and anything that falls short is rather bland. Thus why I am planning to try and hackintosh my laptop. If it works I should be done by around eleven-ish including backing up my folders. This computer might be running MacOS X Leopard by tomorrow.

Sometimes a simple game of halo where everyone but you sucks at it is just what you need to distract yourself from the impending sickness Monday. This always happens, plugged nose, bad sleep second or third night, and then BLAM feeling like shit to the point of no concentration. It’s the most fun thing ever.

This is probably the only fun I get this weekend because tomorrow is a catch up day, so Its gonna be either homework or eating… I’m probably not gonna turn my computer’s on until I have to type something. Also my phone will be off so don’t bother with calling or texting me either. Well got to finish this dungeon in .hack//infection so I’ll post again Monday while I’m sick if I am.

Friday, January 22, 2010



Sometimes in life I have to take little things like this for granted. Fighting over a pole in the BK by Meijer, what’s more fun than that?

It’s really got me thinking how we never actually do much anymore, probably due to the cold and everyone (besides Eric) lacking sufficient funds to do anything. So who cares if it was just getting food at a BK after some practice for the talent show. It was hanging with my friends, something I really didn’t have the ability to do before.

Still it doesn’t draw much from the problems I’m having behind the scenes that pretty much no one else but me knows about. It’s like a game of Tetris, only I can’t see the next piece and the only good place to put anything I’d need the line piece. Anything else just wouldn’t quite work, they might catch three lines, but it’s no Tetris…

Tuesday, January 19, 2010



Well, sometimes you just got to look back on your child hood and laugh. Today was a nostalgia fest, brought about from an overflow of conversations bringing me back to the past. My childhood was a lot more simple. School, day to day life, though I was alone. I had very few friends, and seldom saw them. I guess with friends comes the trade off of simplicity, which makes me realize why Macs cost so much. Simplicity is a premium that comes with high costs.

School has become a pain, friends require work to maintain the bond, i need to start considering finding a job, as I have things that I want that cost a lot, and life starts to pick up more complexity everyday. Sure there is more weight on my shoulders, but i have people I can share it with now. So remember the simplicity of childhood, even in simple things like dinosaur nuggets…

Friday, January 15, 2010

Hey, look. It's that one chick. Kat or something.

...maybe you should go say hi.

So, I’m planning on buying a DSi XL when they hit American shores this year for one reason, Pok√©mon Soul Silver. The game is just going to be great in general, though one game is gonna get pretty dull. What are some other games for the DS you people recommend?

Thursday, January 14, 2010


Today was one of those days where somethings went right but others went wrong. I had a good time in MW2 playing the online multiplayer, and made some sweet kills. On the other hand most everyone was home sick from school today except for me (only junior there, thanks guys for telling me it was a skip day) and I expect it to continue tomarrow. I guess the only thing to do now is planning out the machinima I might do over the summer if I remember to get the right software for editing. I guess it's time for me to hope to get some rest for friday, and to walk alone again.

Monday, January 11, 2010



That’s the feeling I get in the winter after Christmas. A dark cloud looming over head. I guess it’s the counter to the happiness and joy the holidays bring to me. This is the time I start to think and I see all the flaws I have, all the things that will never come to fruition, and all the regrets I have and will have. It gets downright depressing. This is where the rage kicks in. Every year I hit a point of major depression and do I let it fuck with my life? Do I have to take pills to make me feel better? Do I torture my body? No. I take it with stride, walk it out, and find a way to overcome it. Sometimes that is with a new hobby, finding a book to read that I actually like, watching something new, actually listening to that song I hated and finding I liked it, or just venting online like I’m doing right now.

People with depression that take meds and get all emo and shit can go fuck it. You can all deal with it just the same as me, find something constructive to do. Pick up cycling, it will counter the cake.

Sunday, January 10, 2010



Well I was rather dissatisfied with this weekend. Much killing the hookers in my closet according to Shawn and watching bleach, and no not the cleaning product. Only fun part was Hana dissatisfied with her picture taken after an epic defeat at yugioh.

Anyway, so far my new favorite character in bleach is Shinji. He’s a creepy mother fucker but funny at the same time.

Saturday, January 9, 2010



Well the sun is setting again today. Soon it will happen later and later, and the sun come up earlier and earlier. The summer is on it’s was back to us.

On another note, I think the GTA games are built entirely around cheating. Some missions you either have to be a god at the game or cheat.

The music front I started to learn to play To Zanarkand on the piano, and I’ve had a fun time not having to practice a bunch of scales for jazz band.

Shane Dawson was awesome again with his new “Viewer Orgy” thing he will be doing on his second channel. Watch it, it’s funny right here. Due to a response to one of his questions I got to looking up some stuff about Lady GaGa. She is freaking hardcore.

OK, the whole reason I'm doing this is because the blog-master told me to blog. Now, I don't know what to write about, though, so I think I'm just gonna rant a little on this place every once and a while. 0.o" Pardon any lack of creativity for right now, I just wanted to make my presence known.
I am Jackie-- read me blog!

Friday, January 8, 2010


Photo_010810_001So a website says you can order online, then makes you have to call for the pizza puts you on hold. WTF. Come on Domino’s, I want mah pizza now, not after holding for an hour! (only held for 2 minutes). Also I wanna know why data for smart phones is 30-45 bucks, and feature phones get it for 10 and 20! Anyway. Today yet another day same old same old. Though had a enthralling conversation with Korea about my last rant on the blog. That and youth groups through churches and Heroes… Got home and really just played with the dog till about now. Also I wish Christmas lights weren’t tacky to have up year round. They are just so calming (btw thats my tree in my backyard still). Also I decided I’m gonna share pics from my phone on here, and eventually my camera when I either find my old one or get a new one…

Hey, I'm Sprntr Zomby and I decided to finally start posting about myself on the blog. I'm not going to do a long intro to myself as you'll pick up on me after a while of reading what I have to say.
I felt pretty out of it today durning school. Once I got home though I started to feel better and keep up on my gaming. I played some Spec Ops in CoD: MW2 and actually beat one of the hardest levels on the hardest difficulty on my 5th try. Now all I have to play is the last half or so in Borderlands and I have nothing else to do.
Afterwards I started to feel strange again, and I think I know why. I feel like I'm being less of an asshole (Except to you Angela), and my friends are accepting me a bit better. I guess the chapter of my life with my anger at everything is coming to and end and I'm not really angry at those responsible to those changes I hated.

Thursday, January 7, 2010


As per request from the main author of this blog,  I’m finally getting off my lazy ass and posting something. While nothing terribly exciting happened today, I suppose blogging is an outlet-a diary I wont lose under my bed or behind my bookshelf. Then again, I’ll have to be more careful as to what I say… the interwebz is no place to tell secrets. The image you see next to my post islittlegirl from , a fun little website for artistic image sharing. It’s probably what I’ll use a lot, unless I can get a good shot with my new camera.

Drama is as fun as always. However, I’m pretty sure I’m banned from gossip unless its about me. Sorry folks, no scoop tonight.

Hopefully I’ll have something worth reading soon. Until then, Bye Bicycle!

Faster than in previous days too. With the internet giving us things like facebook, twitter, and YouTube, the current generation easily learns of new things fast, and has little time to try and slander it. That’s why fads grow so quickly. Heck the Smartphone market in 2006 sucked until the iPhone hit. Our generation is coming up fast, and we are plowing through all the current stigmas and taboo’s and saying a big FUCK YOU to them. The clocks ticking, we are learning faster than ever before on a magnitude that no person in the previous generation could even fathom. We process info at such a pace that adults can’t figure it out. Even Generation X can’t get it. Sex, drugs, music, religion, we are ripping the current norms to shreds and changing it forever. Older generations try and hold us down, but it won’t work. Push five buttons and they have trouble. We will not bend to them, we are standing up for our beliefs. The older generations have no power over us.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

So today started off pretty awesome with me waking up with out an alarm, I was really psyched about that. The day wasn’t that great though.Photo_010610_001 Started with Jazz Band kind of sucking this morning. Forgot my book and couldn’t remember the music. School was pretty dull, got the research topic I wanted, there were some lolz at lunch, and that about it for school. After I went over to Hana’s again after a journey at Meijer. Played some GTA SA and helped a bit on her and Jackie's project. Came home and worked on finishing my AP Bio project. I’ve found I learn more on my own then the school teaches me. Seriously the school system we have today is obsolete. 

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


So today we got home after a weekend that got bear overwhelmingly happy, and a day for him to take a nap,Photo_010510_001 and he did not tear anything up. I was really surprised. This is the dumb dog by the way. School today was filled with boring classes, me getting my schedule organized in my phone, and a fun Japan Club waiting for Don Don to show up who never did. Also a surprise, the dumb rules in the lyceum are now lifted at about four thirty. In tech news CES starts soon, so people are getting out the lame news before hand, and I’m fapping all over the new net/smartbooks from Lenovo. One of them is a smartbook running windows 7 that has a removable tablet screen. Another is a ARM/Snapdragon smartbook that is tiny as hell. Other things are new HD Skype cams and Skype TVs. Well, I gotta get working on my homework now. Find my twitter for more (gonna get the twitter widget working soon).

Monday, January 4, 2010


Well, we are back, and this time there will be more than just me writing. I killed all the other posts to kinda start over. Just in time for school to start back up. How fun. Though break was good. Got two computers, a new monitor, a desk my dad made, and some money. I bought Band Hero, didn’t really like it, and now I’m out 40 bucks on a shit game cause I can’t return it. Though I did download GTA San Andreas for PC and I have been having fun with that. I’ve been back on playing Perfect World International a bit now, though I won’t be on much cause I’m cracking down on homework this semester, and that just takes me a long time. That’s kinda it for me this post. Hana and a new contributer will be posting, no word on Eric, though he’s pretty busy all the time with either other things or L4D2 and Borderlands. I don’t blame him.