Thursday, June 24, 2010


First off is a web comic that I found is better than I first thought, being that my first thought was before I even read it. This comic is pretty funny, and as you can see, the are is also pretty good as well. It’s sorta furry, they are house pets, thus the name Housepets!

Next for people who aren’t using digsby, pidgin, or meebo because you either suck or just like to be frustrating when it comes to compatibility, I give you the link to download the new Windows Live Essentials Beta. It’s added a few new features to everything and re-skinned it all. Upgrading everything but actual Messenger to the Windows 7/Office 2007 ribbon menu. Messenger got a new Metro theme that windows phone 7, the xbox 360, and the Kins use.  

Saturday, June 19, 2010


Wtf is that thing?

Mijo's perch.The things you never really expect to see in your life seem to enjoy occurring when you least expect it. Like this stray flower in my backyard or Mijo protecting what’s his from an Air Conditioner.  You just tend to discover things happen that you wouldn’t expect. That was my week. I discovered that I am now leaning more towards getting an Xbox 360, can’t build a computer for my senior project due to insufficient funds, and that I see no future in the 3DS. You discover a lot from a desk. You discover better things when you get outside with a camera though.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Well, the things I find while shopping, refrigerated cereal, lime in the kiwis, and I bring home a new laptop. What fun. Oh and you are seeing Left 4 Dead running there at full speed. This thing is nice, far better than my old one. It’s going to take some getting used to, I still feel like it isn’t mine, but ah well. Also to anyone that might be asking “can I have your old one?” I have two responses. 1. Do you want to kill your self? 2. My dad already has claim on it for work.

In other news I’ve decided I’m going to give up Pok√©mon for good. Going to sell all the cards I can and use that to get back into magic, or I might skip out on trading cards all together and either get a PS3 Slim or a New Xbox 360. The slim ones with Wi-Fi 802.11 N, a 250GB HDD, and one cord Kinect compatibility. Though I’m still leaning towards the PS3 because it does more.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Well the summer is off to a full start. Playing videogames, working, and staying inside because of the rain. Sunday I went over to the Malus’s house and we brought Bear Bear. Him and Sedona played for about an hour or two after Sedona warmed up to Bear, though Bear tried to make a move on her. Good thing we stopped them though because Bear isn’t neutered yet and Sedona hasn’t been spayed yet.

In other news I have been trudging along in Final Fantasy X, now playing on my PS2 HDD. I’m just before Operation Mi’hen trying to get Lulu another sphere level so she can learn Blizara and Watera. Though it’s been a typical run of the mill game of FFX.02-20100607

Also I am now craving an iPhone 4. Those things are beasts! I mainly want it for the camera, but choose it over real camera’s because it does all the phone, app, and iPod shit too.

Finally I’ve rearranged my room a lot, more like when we first moved in. I’ll post pics once everything is back in and in place.