Monday, May 31, 2010


Exile drawn by Bayson

Thanks to it I can find amazing fan art of some of my favorites from my childhood. Even though I missed the original run I remember catching the reruns of road rovers on Cartoon Network.

In other news I’ve gotten back into a Pokémon fit, thus the new blog over at Kanto Confederacy. I really need to get a real job so I can get enough money to buy a DS and either Soul Silver or Platinum and then next spring Pokémon White Version.

I’ve also sacrificed my mobility for compatibility by reverting to windows which for some reason hates my Wi-Fi, so I’m grounded with my computer so I can use my phone and other useful programs that need Windows to run. Though it might not be for long, my dad is hoping that if he has a couple more busy weekends like this one he will be able to buy me a really nice (but cheap) new laptop.

Also with the school year winding down I’m getting ready to be able to sleep in everyday and ride my bike with the same frequency. Well at least until I start working for my mom. It’s income but not that much…

Finally I think that most of the groups problems at school are starting at the very least to resolve, I really hope they can get done quick, because its all just petty fighting because none of us are actually flat out saying anything. We are trying to be subtle and drop hints, but it really doesn’t work. Well it’s late so I’m just going to get to bed after posting this.