Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Well the summer is off to a full start. Playing videogames, working, and staying inside because of the rain. Sunday I went over to the Malus’s house and we brought Bear Bear. Him and Sedona played for about an hour or two after Sedona warmed up to Bear, though Bear tried to make a move on her. Good thing we stopped them though because Bear isn’t neutered yet and Sedona hasn’t been spayed yet.

In other news I have been trudging along in Final Fantasy X, now playing on my PS2 HDD. I’m just before Operation Mi’hen trying to get Lulu another sphere level so she can learn Blizara and Watera. Though it’s been a typical run of the mill game of FFX.02-20100607

Also I am now craving an iPhone 4. Those things are beasts! I mainly want it for the camera, but choose it over real camera’s because it does all the phone, app, and iPod shit too.

Finally I’ve rearranged my room a lot, more like when we first moved in. I’ll post pics once everything is back in and in place.


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