Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Well, the things I find while shopping, refrigerated cereal, lime in the kiwis, and I bring home a new laptop. What fun. Oh and you are seeing Left 4 Dead running there at full speed. This thing is nice, far better than my old one. It’s going to take some getting used to, I still feel like it isn’t mine, but ah well. Also to anyone that might be asking “can I have your old one?” I have two responses. 1. Do you want to kill your self? 2. My dad already has claim on it for work.

In other news I’ve decided I’m going to give up Pokémon for good. Going to sell all the cards I can and use that to get back into magic, or I might skip out on trading cards all together and either get a PS3 Slim or a New Xbox 360. The slim ones with Wi-Fi 802.11 N, a 250GB HDD, and one cord Kinect compatibility. Though I’m still leaning towards the PS3 because it does more.


Shawn said...

I think you should get the 360 so you can have quality time with your brother over long distances.

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