Saturday, February 20, 2010

1.) Potter’s House’s JV Team. As you can see they just kind of sucked it up. Pep band wise we fucked up on Jammin’ With Charlie and everyone was out of sync. It sounded cool until the end. Then Varsity started playing and they were getting their asses beat on.


3.) Me giving up on a relationship endeavor before it even starts, simply because I can tell it isn’t going to happen.

In other news Love Today and Lollipop by Mika are both now my favorite songs, really stoked about the new DLC for L4D and L4D2, so I need to get a 360 or a better computer, probably going to go 360 cause I can get those used and cheap. If anybody knows any jobs for me let me know.

Also I am so freaking lucky I got an extension on my paper for English. Passing grades here I come. I decided to mess around with the way I have my desk set up, and I might rotate around my room soon and possibly try Linux on my desktop again. Maybe I will find a way to stand it for simple text, browsing, and…. who the hell am I kidding I want to be able to do shit with my desktop, not my laptop, but I’m still going to try it.


Sprntr Zomby said...

I told you there was no laser tagging on friday, did they decide to go anyways

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